Linette Wheeler, Founder

Linette is the founder and coordinator of Penguins, making sure all classes are well-balanced and running (or should that be swimming) smoothly. As a Penguins teacher, she works across all the National Plan for Teaching Swimming Stages (NPTS), mainly teaching the improver stage and top squad swimmers. With over 20 years of swim teaching experience, Linette works with an innate knowledge of swimming, instinctively knowing how to build confidence and success in individuals. Nurturing and developing technique and talent is at the heart of Linette’s method. By drawing on her nuanced understanding of how children learn, all children make good progress.
Swimming for Linette is a lifelong passion, from learning to swim in the sea as a toddler to becoming a competitive swimmer, who held the Sussex Masters backstroke record since 2001. She was a County and National standard swimmer, coached at Shiverers Swimming Club by Ian Newell, and still trains today with the Penguins Masters Team.

Gillian Button

Gill has been teaching swimming for over 30 years and specialises in beginner (NPTS 1-2) swimmers, working with Hannah to get our little Penguins off to a flying start! Her wealth of experience has given her an intuition for this age-group, and she is known for expertly working at each individual child’s pace, listening to them and identifying their needs. She is an imaginative, fun teacher, who ensures the beginners not only develop a thorough skill base to enable them to progress, but that they gain a love and joy for swimming that will stay with them throughout their swimming journey.

Outside of the pool, Gill is a classroom assistant, working with children and young adults with special needs. She incorporates sign language and sensory learning techniques into her swimming classes.Gill was a competitive swimmer, lifesaver and kayaker in her youth.

Rosalind Greene

With over 30 years of swim teaching experience, Rosalind mostly works with our improver swimmers (NPTS 3-5). Rosalind has spent her lifetime in and on the water either swimming, lifesaving, kayaking or sailing. Her emphasis is on water safety, equipping our swimmers with the skills and confidence to deal calmly and effectively with anything that may occur in the water. Rosalind’s husband is the coxswain of the Shoreham lifeboat, with which Penguins has strong links.

Nicholas Piper

Nic teaches our advanced (NPTS 6-10 competitive) and master swimmers, and also works with individuals (mostly competitive swimmers). As a highly respected instructor with an in-depth knowledge of stroke mechanics, he knows how to get the best out of swimmers at this level. Nic is Head of Age Groups coach at Marlins Swimming Club (Mid Sussex), and trains the Sussex County Squad.

Hannah Beadle

Hannah actually started with us as a little Penguin! Hannah learnt to swim with us and progressed up through the ranks. She is now a fully qualified ASA swimming teacher. Hannah works alongside Gill to ensure our beginners get off to a great start. We are very proud to have Hannah with us  – she is a fun addition to our teaching team.

Pauline Jones (Teaching Assistant)

Pauline, a recently retired special needs school teacher, works enthusiastically with Gill and our Thursday beginner classes. She is a qualified ASA Helper and also works with the Sussex Special Athletics Team.